Aliens Bring Change

The games we created

The most beautiful Mahjong Solitaire in the Microsoft Store. With big tiles and twenty boards you are guaranteed to have hours puzzling fun!

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The classic family game of "I packed my bag and bring with me..." With this game you can train your memory with happy and colorful images.

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The classic game based on "Where is Wally?" is now available for Windows. With this game you can train your vision with happy and colorful images.

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What do people say about our games?

5 star rating I love everything about this! Mahjong is my very favorite game, Thanks!

5 star rating Play it all the time, even while watching TV.

5 star rating I am frequently challenged by most of the patterns. I enjoy a challenge so I constantly return to try different starting points. I appreciate the addition of new challenges which appear occasionally. I am over seventy and use this programme to keep my brain active. Thank you.

5 star rating Nice graphics, cool music, for me the most enjoyable mahjong out there!

5 star rating These games are a real challenge, love them.

5 star rating Love the different games you can play, lots of fun always challenging.

5 star rating It is very challenging. I play each game until I complete it. It may take several days. I like that occasionally new games are added.

5 star rating Great game, love testing my skill, never get bored with this game.

About Aliens Bring Change

Aliens Bring Change is an independent game studio based in Berlin, Germany. We make games that are fun to play and challenging for the brain.

We like good puzzles and put them in our games. There are no timers that rush you so you can play on your own pace. Enjoy the games!